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Our auto body shop undertakes bumper repairs, car interior restorations,
and design enhancements. Give us a call if you have any questions or
would like to find out more about the service.

The shell of your car is, for the most part, plastic. An unsettling thought? Shouldn’t be. Plastic is both safe and economical, from construction to driving. Old-fashioned cars were built with metal alloys, which provided their “yesteryear” look but which made them vulnerable to dings, dents, and corrosion, not to mention the reduced fuel efficiency stemming from their excess weight.

Plastic-centered exteriors are pliable for assembly lines, which saves money for every consumer. Knowing that your bumper is designed to take the brunt of an impact, and that it can readily be fixed or replaced, can really increase your peace of mind. Rest assured that Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc., uses multiple parts networks so your vehicle will have a proper fit, and as soon as possible.

Beyond the exterior, plastic keeps important liquids inside and secure, protects wiring, keeps wiring away from you, and increases the integrity of multiple internal parts that make your vehicle dependable. Our mechanics can determine a problem with your car’s plastic parts swiftly, and a quick restoration will take place before you know it.