You deserve service that can form to your needs – not the other way around. Our experienced staff, modern tools, and effective techniques allow us to perform work at the highest level.

mechanical work

We perform repairs for manual and auto transmissions,
fuel systems, car engines, and cooling systems.

Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc., can deliver any number of critical services whenever you bring in your car or truck, but it’s important for you to stay on top of things as well. Keep your ears open: If you notice unwanted sounds or feel difficulty in shifting, bringing the car into our Stoughton garage could stave off serious damage. We perform transmission repairs in accordance with manufacturers’ standards, and do our best to use only original transmission parts. We’ve repaired all kinds of transmissions, and while we understand having a transmission rebuilt is not fun, we’ll work hard to reduce the time required to diagnose and rebuild yours.

Your car’s fuel system might also become a cause for concern if you don’t give our technicians a chance to fix problems as soon as they arise. Fuel tanks, pipes, pumps, and injectors are parts of a grand, complicated chain that enables the fuel in your vehicle to get to the engine in the first place. You have no control over what you pay at the gas pump, but you do have the ability to moderate the costs associated with fuel system problems, so long as you’re willing to be proactive. A short-term investment in fuel system repairs with Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc., is going to save you money if you think long-term.

The engine is the heart of your car, and it’s at the heart of many a serious and costly automotive problem. Our experience technicians will understand the intricate design of your car’s engine. They can provide diagnostics, repairs, oil changes, and numerous other services to make sure your engine powers on far into the future.

Lastly, you won’t be feeling too hot if the cooling system in your car is broken, but your car certainly will be. An overheating engine or transmission can lead to a perilous accident at worst, and severe damage at best. Your dashboard’s temp gauge is easy to overlook. Don’t overlook it. Get to know its location and its signals, and if it seems to be rising high, bring the car in to our garage PDQ. We have mechanics who can assist immediately.