You deserve service that can form to your needs – not the other way around. Our experienced staff, modern tools, and effective techniques allow us to perform work at the highest level.


We perform windshield replacement, headlight polishing, and AC repairs.

While many auto components are invisible to the non-technician, every driver is aware of their windshields, headlights, and air conditioning. We immediately notice when these components are broken or otherwise compromised, drawing attention away from the road. Taking your car or truck to Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc., for immediate service will have you right back on the road, all systems go.

Outside rain is unavoidable and not much of a problem. But when water gets in—through a leaky windshield, for instance—mold and damage to internal fabrics can follow. Professional windshield replacement is critical to a tight seal; the tiniest detail in your windshield installation can spell the difference between a dry vehicle and a boat on wheels. Unfortunately, many so-called windshield specialists fail to do a proper job. During a windshield replacement, Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc.’s professionals utilize only the highest quality materials and equipment, and they have decades of experience in working with every type of automotive glass.

Your safety while traveling through the snow, rain, and night depends on diligently polishing and maintaining the headlights. They oxidize over time, and pick up scratches during car washes and from multiple low-impact contacts with little objects. Repaired headlights increase your safety, and indeed, can create the illusion that your vehicle is younger than its actual age. We at Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc., have many similar tricks up our sleeves to make sure your set of wheels looks great and keeps you safe on the road.

Finally, we think everyone can agree: Air conditioning is a must. Intense heat in the summer causes extreme discomfort for everyone, and extended periods of keeping the windows open don’t relieve the heat while admitting plenty of outside dirt. Moreover, windshield and window fog on humid days cripple driving unless the A/C is available for defogging. So don’t think of air conditioning merely as a creature comfort: It also speaks to the well-being of you and your passengers. When trouble emerges, a speedy trip to our Stoughton auto body shop is well worth your time and money for the long-term health of your vehicle.