You deserve service that can form to your needs – not the other way around. Our experienced staff, modern tools, and effective techniques allow us to perform work at the highest level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc. is a shop for all vehicles. Our experienced technicians, modern technology, and professionalism offer you auto body work on the highest level.

1. What is “betterment” or “depreciation”?

For certain types of damage, your insurance provider may assess an additional fee beyond the deductible, for what they term “betterment” or “depreciation.” For example, suppose your car hits a curb and blows a tire which was (let’s say) 50% worn before the incident. The insurer pays $100 for a new tire, but the new tire is “better” than the first one because it has fresh, unworn tread. That’s “betterment,” and as a result, the insurer might require you to pay $50—the difference between the new and old values. Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc. has no control over the betterment or depreciation charges imposed by an insurer. You would do well to speak with a claims rep or appraiser at your insurance company to review their charges.

2. Can I have other work performed on my vehicle while it’s in the shop?

The answer is yes! Our customers often ask to have dings or scratches not related to an accident repaired while their car is already here. This is the perfect chance to renew the value and beauty of your vehicle by repairing dents or other lesions your car acquires over time. We term these minor repairs “extra work,” and our appraisers can give you a written estimate for the cost of repairing these. Just make sure to let the technician know what extra work you want done so that he or she may make the required plans. By the way, do not choose a service shop because it boasts about being able to “save your deductible.” In Massachusetts, “saving a deductible” is illegal, and if a business is willing to accept $500 less to repair your vehicle, do you believe that they will actually carry out all of the work demanded by the insurer? You ought to advocate for your vehicle’s being completely repaired, to make sure it is renewed to its pre-accident operation, safety, and worth. And if a body shop is ready to cheat an insurance company, they are ready to do the same to you!

3. The insurance rep keeps using the terms “Claimant” and “Insured.” What do these terms mean?

“Claimant” means you are claiming the accident on another driver’s insurance. “Insured” means you are using your own insurance.

4. Do you provide free rental cars?

Although we don’t provide free cars, we’ll have Enterprise Rent-A-Car bring a replacement vehicle to you. In most instances, the cost of your rental will be covered by the insurance provider.

5. Can we return rental cars to the body shop?

Definitely. Both Enterprise and Hertz can pick up the car from our shop.

6. Should I have my car repaired where it was purchased? Does the dealer know more about repairing my car than other service facilities?

A dealer might not be the best option for collision repairs. Many of the highest quality shops in the area are not associated with any dealers. Generally speaking, a dealer has no leg up on technology, methods, or parts availability pertinent to repairing a car after an accident. Rather than immediately going back to your dealer, be a discerning shopper. Ask people you esteem where they’ve had body work and repairs done, and choose the shop you think will provide the results you’re looking for. There’s no need to gather a bunch of estimates for your insurer. In fact, if you’re filing a claim, then you don’t really need an estimate at all—just a repair! Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc., will negotiate with your insurance provider to ensure you are given the best and quickest possible repair. Remember, it is your right to have your car fixed wherever you choose. And we hope that your choice will be Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc.

7. What if my car is a total loss?

If your car’s level of damage is greater than your car’s worth, Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc., can assist in negotiating with your insurance company to reach a satisfactory settlement.

8. What information should I bring to the shop?

Bring your insurance claim number and the name of the contact person/Insurance rep who is assigned to you. Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc., will deal with it going forward. Please present your registration as well, as this includes critical details about your car that will help expedite our services for you.

9. After I pick up my vehicle, do I need to take any precautions with the new paint?

Most definitely yes, and while there aren’t a lot of do’s and don’t’s, all of them are important. Use cool water and a mild detergent in the shade. Wipe using only a damp or wet cloth—never a dry rag. Allow 90 days to elapse before any polishing or waxing. Avoid extremes in temperature when using commercial washing facilities. Avoid any exposure to chemicals such as antifreeze or coolant. Immediately clean off bird droppings, whose high acid content can erode paint and a clear coat finish.

10. If my vehicle’s frame is damaged, is it a total loss?

No. A vehicle is only a total loss when the repair price goes beyond the insurance company’s appraised value for the automobile. Presently, most cars are built upon a unibody form (frame and body as one). Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc.’s extremely talented technicians utilize cutting edge computer measuring systems to restore your car to its original factory condition. In the event the frame itself is too bent to repair, we can just replace that system.

11. Can you match the paint color?

Today’s factory finishes blend a number of layers of very peculiar paints. Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc., has seriously invested in the most exquisite paint systems available. At the same time we have upgraded our existing technology and equipment to make sure that each vehicle’s colors and shades are consistent. The last step in the restoration process is the application of paint, and we are especially careful and proud of our work when we finish your vehicle’s restoration.

12. To whom do I pay my deductible?

Deductibles that are not waived need to be paid upon reclaiming your care at the shop. Please check with your agent before coming to the shop to verify if you are required to pay a deductible.

13. Why should I use a “green” repair shop?

Auto shops are under increasing pressure to meet lamenting the added work these codes present, Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc. takes great pride in exceeding normal standards. One “green” feature we particularly relish are the paints we use from PPG, which provide lasting finishes while greatly reducing harmful solvents that damage our environment. These Waterborne paints contain—no surprise—water, which as the major ingredient replaces harmful solvents and other volatile organic compounds. The reduced fumes make for cleaner air and a healthier work environment for factory workers as well as auto technicians. For the record, Waterborne basecoat paints are comprised of 70% water, 10% organic solvents, and 20% pigment, metallic, and pearlescent particles.