You deserve service that can form to your needs – not the other way around. Our experienced staff, modern tools, and effective techniques allow us to perform work at the highest level.


We perform body geometry restoration, heavy polishing, tin work, light polishing, reinforcement work, protective polishing, auto painting, corrosion prevention treatment, motorcycle painting, and paintless dent repair.

When a vehicle is involved in an accident, or is being run into the ground, you can be sure that more needs to be repaired than that which is visible. Even a fender-bender can compromise a vehicle’s safety and viability, which is why every car that comes into Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc., is subject to a thorough inspection, which includes what’s called an auto body “geometry check.” A vehicle that passes its geometry check has sufficient aerodynamics, which in turn keep the car stable in motion—a critical factor when traveling at speed.

We make sure the vehicle is still airtight, a feature often compromised even in the most minor of accidents; you don’t want pollution seeping its way into the interior and leading to premature wear, not to mention opening a health risk to you and your passengers. Unattended incorrect wheel alignment is another issue that can multiply over time, possibly causing accidents and definitely causing faster and uneven wear on tires. You see, body work is more than just fixing a visible problem or reassembling parts. It’s an intricate puzzle, whose solvers must bring together connections, reactions, and predictions as one, so as to ensure that you will be driving the safest possible car.

All that being said, body work is also about making a car beautiful. Drivers are rightly concerned about their car’s appearance no less than its performance and safety features. Tosca Drive Auto Body and Truck, Inc.’s dent, paint, and polish repair will renew that sense of pride you initially felt when you purchased the vehicle. Instead of spending money on a new car, you can recapture the thrill of new ownership sensibly and affordably, by putting your car’s look into our hands.